Trade market 6

Trade Market

Illyriad Markets Purchasing HelpEdit

This page will show the player how to order items in the new markets.


Getting to the Market is easy. Hover your mouse over the stack of coins icon.

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Then a smaller group of icons will pop up. Select the one that looks like a single stack of coins.

This screen is the Trade Market screen. In the upper right corner is the location drop down menu. This will allow you to choose the trade hubs you would like to view. All locations will allow you to view goods at all locations.

Trade market 1

On the left you can see all of the different types of goods available in the market.

One of the many new items in the market is Air Salt. I have selected the Air Salt in the left column. In the right top part of the frame you can see that no locations have any Air Salt to purchase. In the right bottom part of the frame you can see that one player is looking to buy 50 Air Salts for a price of 20,000 gold each.

Trade market 3

If you had 50 Air Salts and wanted to sell them to this player you would click the Red Sell button to the far right of the row with the players name.

Minerals are new to the Market as well. I am looking to purchase some Arterium. I have found one player that has 5 Arterium for sell. To buy the items click the Red buy button to the far right end of the row.

Trade market 4

After you click the buy button, an Accept sell order screen will pop up. It shows that you are buying and waits for you to put in the quantity.

Trade market 5
Trade market 6-1

To the right of the box it shows that the seller has 5 of the items for purchase.Input your quantity and click the check button.

I have select to purchase 2 of the 5 Arterium. After clicking the check button, a screen with more info will pop up.

This screen shows the quantity, total order value, total cost, and caravans required for the order.

Trade market 7

Check this scrren to insure that you are ordering correctly.

To accept the sell order, click the confirm button on the last row in the accept sell order box.

Trade market 8

With this you have order Arterium or any items available on the Trade Markets.